CareerBrandVideos™ Optional Video Customization Upgrades

You asked for customization options, and now they’re available.


Pricing and Customization Upgrades

For those of you who want to customize your set of 3 CareerBrandVideos™ beyond the basic Starter package, you can now take advantage of our two new levels:

Essential and Premium

The chart below visually outlines the differences, and you can read about them in more detail below the chart.

PLEASE NOTE: your videos with the Essential and Premium upgrades will fit the optimal about 1 minute length, just like with the Starter Set. If you would like longer videos or additional customizations not included with any of the upgrades, please contact us to discuss.

Options for CareerBrandVideos
  1. Unlimited Email Support – While your videos are in production, you can email us any questions you might have about the process.
  2. Phone Call Support – Premium customers are also entitled to one 15-30 minute phone call, if needed, to discuss their video project.

CareerBrandVideos™ Starter

Our Starter package has all the elements listed in the graphic above. It gives you a set of 3 customized professional branding videos using the 3 color schemes and music tracks as you’ll see and hear in our 3 video samples. These videos will get you noticed in your industry or profession for years to come.

CareerBrandVideos™ Essential

Our Essential package takes your customization a step further by letting you select the color theme of your videos.

Pick from one of the 6 color themes below. Use one theme for all your videos, or use a different theme for each one. It’s up to you.

CareerBrandVideos Color Schemes

In addition, with the Essential package you can select your own music track to go with your video from one of the more than 20 soundtracks listed below.

You don’t have to decide now. You can select your color theme and soundtrack after you purchase the Essential or Premium upgrade.

Example of Essential (Testimonial Video)

CareerBrandVideos™ Premium

Our Premium package gives you even more options to customize your videos, beyond the ones listed in the Essential and Starter packages above.

Branded or Custom Colors

If you want to use your brand colors, we’ll incorporate them into each video in a way that’s visually appealing, and that makes sense with the video framework we’re using. If you just want to select a color theme of your own because you like it, we’ll work with you on that as well. Or you can stick with the color themes above.

Custom Photo Background

We can add your own personal or business photos, images, logos or graphics as backgrounds or accents in your videos. This is an effective way to stand out, yet retain a personal feel to your videos. You simply supply us with a few relevant images or graphics and we make them come to life in your videos!

Phone Call Support

With the Premium service, you get one 30-minute phone call, if needed, to review the customizations of your project.

Example of Premium (Subject Matter Expertise Video)

Soundtracks Available with Your Optional Upgrade to CareerBrandVideos™ Essential or Premium

With the purchase of a CareerBrandVideos™ Essential or Premium upgrade, you have the option to choose your soundtrack from those listed below. Use one soundtrack for all your videos or pick a different track for each video.

We selected these tracks because they fit the CareerBrandVideos™ video style, and they appeal to a variety of personalities.

All of these soundtracks will work well. There’s no right or wrong here, just your own preference.

Note: The clips below are short excerpts from the full track and contain the words “audio example” for public demo purposes. This will be removed in your final videos.

Light, Upbeat or Inspirational Tracks

Rock Tracks

Cinematic, Heavy or Serious Tracks

Remember, you don’t have to decide about tracks or colors now. You can select your color theme and soundtrack after you purchase the Essential or Premium upgrade.

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