CareerBrandVideos™ Partner Creatives – Video

Below are 7 videos to use on your website, in emails and on social media channel to promote CareerBrandVideos™.

  1. Customer Testimonials for CareerBrandVideos™
  2. Example of Subject Matter Expertise Video
  3. Example of Personality Video
  4. Example of Testimonial Video
  5. Why Video for Job Seekers?
  6. Problems With Video Resumes
  7. Why CareerBrandVideos™?

The three video examples show what the buyer can expect to receive with the purchase of the CareerBrandVideos™ starter package. (You’re welcome to use these, but we recommend that you use your own set of CareerBrandVideos™ as examples for your clients. Clients want to see that you actively embrace video.)

To download the video to your device, click the button link below each video. When the video opens in your browser, Right Click > Save Video As… and download the .mp4 file to your device.

Alternate Download Method

This way is easier and faster. Go to our Partner Assets Folder on Dropbox. You’ll see folders for Videos, Graphics and Emails.

Want Your Video Customized?

We’ll add a custom call-to-action, including your branding/logo, at the end of any video below. And we do it for free! Just email me to let me know.

Video 1 – Customer Testimonials for CareerBrandVideos™

Video 2 – Example of Subject Matter Expertise

Video 3 – Example of Personality Video

Video 4 – Example of Testimonial Video

Video 5 – Why Video for Job Seekers?

Video 6 – Problems With Video Resumes

Video 7 – Why CareerBrandVideos™?