CareerBrandVideos™ for Career Practitioners and Other Entrepreneurs

Why you need CareerBrandVideos™ to promote your business


Now, more than ever before, it’s time to embrace personal branding in your business marketing.

  • People want to work with people they feel they know and like.
  • Personal branding helps them get a feel for who you are, how you operate, and whether you’re a good fit for them to work with.
  • Video gets your personal brand messaging across much better than plain text.

CareerBrandVideos™ are one of the best ways to showcase what makes your services and products a good fit for your target audience, while improving your online visibility, which is so important now.

CareerBrandVideos Testimonial video screenshot

What makes CareerBrandVideos™ different from other kinds of video?

CareerBrandVideos™ are an exciting and innovative customized Done-For-You video system using animation with kinetic typography. Figures and text move fluidly to capture attention and tell your story more vividly. They are specifically designed for personal branding in your business.

  • These videos do a much better job of differentiating your business and showcasing your personal brand than videos with you speaking on camera.
  • They are created by video professionals, unlike with self-produced videos or DIY video platforms.
  • And they’re reasonably priced. A set of 3 CareerBrandVideos™ costs 4-5 times less than a production company charges for just one video.

[Scroll down this page and you can view the CareerBrandVideos™ we created to promote our own personal brands and businesses.]

We created a new and better kind of video system

At the inception of CareerBrandVideos™ we searched for video platforms and creators offering the kind of videos that would work well for entrepreneurs. We came up empty-handed except for often unprofessional-looking self-produced or DIY video platforms, or expensive video production companies, none of which are great choices.

Clearly, there was a need for affordable, high-quality videos, created by professionals, that don’t have the problems associated with the other options.

We are 3 experts in our fields who designed CareerBrandVideos™ to fill that void.

Meg Guiseppi and Hannah Morgan are both long-time career practitioners who know first-hand the value of personal branding videos in their business marketing. Andre Palko is a small business marketing wiz with loads of experience creating stunning videos for entrepreneurs and his own business endeavors.

Dazzling Done-For-You (DFY) videos without you on camera

With CareerBrandVideos™ you don’t appear on camera, fidgety and uncomfortable, and your voice is not used. Introverts LOVE CareerBrandVideos™!

You don’t need to figure out what kind of information should go into your 3 videos, like when you use a DIY video platform. You provide the right information (we’ve included our proprietary worksheet to help you with that). We do the rest and we know how to make you shine!

And you don’t need to know ANYTHING about creating video. You never touch complicated video technology. We do all the video work using content you provide.

Expert guidance throughout the process . . . and beyond

Our CareerBrandVideos™ proprietary process and considerable combined expertise guide what goes into your videos. Most people don’t know the right video formula for what should and should NOT be included . . . but WE do. We oversee what ends up in them so you can be assured that nothing damaging will be included.

And we even show you how and where to use your videos in the “CareerBrandVideos™ – Your Video Promotion Strategy and How-To Guide” you’ll receive with the delivery of your set of 3 videos.

Crafted to fit the preferred short format of about 1 minute

Short videos are memorable and convey a lot of information fast. They capture attention in a short attention span world.

Viewers are far more likely to watch a short video through to the end. Studies show that 5% stop watching after one minute and after two minutes, you lose 60% of viewers. And some social media platforms do not accept videos longer than 1 minute.

Improve your online visibility almost instantly

You know how important it is to have a robust online presence that outdistances your competition. When client prospects search online for services like yours, you want them to easily find you and be enticed to want to know more.

Your CareerBrandVideos™ will push “your name” high in search results, typically within minutes after you post them online.

CareerBrandVideos™ will help you get found online and stay highly visible.

3 professionally-crafted videos give a feel for your personality and help you stand out

CareerBrandVideos™ are a vibrant showcase for the best you have to offer. They are captivatingly appealing, with movement, color and other compelling features. 

You get 3 videos focusing on the critical aspects of personal branding:

√ Subject Matter Expertise – a close look at your go-to area of expertise
√ Personality – who you are, how you operate, how you add value
√ Testimonials – what the people who work with you, and know your value the best, have to say about you.

You can always order more of them and build an even stronger online presence.

Our Partner Program

If you’re a career pro (resume writer, job search/career coach or strategist, recruiter, etc.) or small business marketing consultant you can earn lucrative commissions offering CareerBrandVideos™ to your clients. Read about our Partner Program and join for free.

For even more details, see our FAQs page

Examples of How Video Boosts Your Online Presence

And Then There’s CareerBrandVideos™ 17 Point Video Optimization Process

optimize video careerbrandivdeos

Baked into each of your 3 CareerBrandVideos™ is our fine-tuning process to provide you the highest quality videos. [If you go with DIY video or self-produced video, you’ll have to do these things yourself.]

  1. Review your proprietary video submission form
  2. Distill the best content from the form for each of the three videos
  3. Edit text for each video
  4. Re-format your head shot photos in various configurations for each of three videos
  5. Remove photo backgrounds if needed
  6. Retouch photos for sharpness, contrast and color when needed
  7. Adjust video animations to work with your custom content
  8. Set/adjust clip lengths
  9. Adjust clip timings
  10. Edit intros and outros
  11. Adjust music track to fit
  12. Create a colorful thumbnail image for you to use on social media
  13. Provide SEO-optimized file name for each of your videos
  14. Send you a video preview to proof for typos, errors or minor edits
  15. Make necessary changes
  16. Export video in high resolution format for social media and website use
  17. Upload final video content to Dropbox for download

We are experts at working with video. Do you have the skill (or willingness) to do these 17 things needed for top quality video?

Examples of Our CareerBrandVideos™

Below you’ll see CareerBrandVideos™ we created for ourselves. They represent the 3 types of videos you’ll get when you purchase your set:

• Subject matter expertise video
• Personality video
• Testimonials video

Subject Matter Expertise Video – Andre Palko

Personality Video – Hannah Morgan

Testimonials Video – Meg Guiseppi

What people are saying about CareerBrandVideos™

Career professionals, other entrepreneurs, executives, job seekers, and professionals are all raving about their CareerBrandVideos™.

How the CareerBrandVideos™ Process Works

When you purchase your set of 3 videos, you’ll immediately receive an email with detailed instructions and all you need to help you dig deep for personal branding points that will differentiate you and elevate the unique value you offer.

Your purchase includes:

Your CareerBrandVideos™ proprietary worksheet and submission form designed to help us create the perfect branding videos for “You, Inc.”

Your set of 3 high-resolution CareerBrandVideos™, which have been fine-tuned with our robust 17 Point Video Optimization Process (described above) and are ready to post to your social media channels:

1) Subject matter expertise video
2) Personality video
3) Testimonials video (If you don’t have testimonials, you can choose 2 expertise videos)

Your CareerBrandVideos™ Video Promotion Strategy and How-To Guide. A step-by-step ebook on how and where to use your videos for maximum impact.

Custom thumbnail image (important for YouTube)

Email support – we’ll answer any questions you might have throughout the video creation process

CareerBrandVideos™ Optional Customization Upgrades

For even more dazzling CareerBrandVideos™ than you’ll get with the Starter Set, we offer two upgrade packages, outlined in the graphic below.

Read about the optional customization upgrades in more detail.

CareerBrandVideos upgrades
  1. Unlimited Email Support – While your videos are in production, you can email us any questions you might have about the process.
  2. Phone Call Support – Premium customers are also entitled to one 15-30 minute phone call, if needed to discuss their video project.

We also offer expert video creation from scratch (beyond the Starter, Essential and Premium packages), for videos of any length and composition you choose. Contact us for details.

Purchasing Your CareerBrandVideos™

Your total investment is only $395 for a Starter set of 3 custom branding videos. If you want one of the two optional upgrades, select it on the checkout page.

Use these videos to increase your online visibility for years to come.

Once you complete your order, in a few minutes you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions and documents for our proprietary video creation process.

Follow the instructions to complete and submit your Video Submission Form.

It typically takes about 2 weeks to create your set of 3 customized videos. However, once we receive your Video Submission Form we’ll give you a more precise delivery date.