How to Become the Top Choice for Employers and Recruiters [Video Demo]

Are you a frustrated executive, manager or job seeker who is:

❌ Tired of sending out resumes and not getting responses or worse, getting interviews that are totally wrong?

❌ Not getting noticed by colleagues and superiors who could advance your career?

❌ Talking to dozens of recruiters but getting nowhere fast?

❌ Trying to compete with thousands of applicants on job boards?

❌ Victimized by ageism and the dreaded “overqualification” feedback?

❌ Scrambling for free time for networking, family and friends?

Then this video demonstration is for you.


watch the video demonstration here

How to Use Video to Escape an Unrewarding Job and Be the Obvious First Choice for the Right Employers and Recruiters

how to use video for my career

In this video you’ll discover…

✔️ The ONE thing that sets you apart from your competition that no one else in the world can compete with.

✔️ What to do when employers and recruiters Google your name and other people (with sketchy or criminal backgrounds) show up instead of you.

✔️ The 3 essential elements to become the #1 obvious choice of the right employers…the kind you really want to work with.

✔️ How to stop being victimized by the “you’re over qualified” objection.

✔️ How to show up and stand out in a positive way, in a noisy online world.


watch video demo here

Find out how to use this powerful tactic to become the top choice for employers and recruiters.

Meg Guiseppi, Hannah Morgan, Andre Palko

Presented By Meg Guiseppi, Hannah Morgan and Andre Palko
Recognized experts in our fields of job search, career management and video marketing, each of us brings a unique knowledge base to the table, backed by years of practical experience.