Become a CareerBrandVideos™ Partner

Earn Commissions by Offering Award-Winning CareerBrandVideos™ to Your Clients

If you’d like to partner with us in selling CareerBrandVideos™ to your clients, you can get started here. Our partner program is a perfect source of additional income for many business niches, including:

  • job search and LinkedIn strategists
  • resume writers
  • career counselors
  • career coaches
  • recruiters
  • small business consultants
  • small business marketing agencies and
  • executive coaches.

How to Become a Partner

To get started, follow these 3 steps:

1 – Read this page.

2 – Review the CareerBrandVideos™ sales page and watch the sample videos. This should give you a good overview and understanding of the product and how it can benefit you and your clients.

3 – Fill out the Partner Registration Form.

CareerBrandVideos Affiliate Partner

Benefits to You as a Partner Offering CareerBrandVideos™ to Your Clients

If  you have an active client list, email list or social media following, this is a new opportunity to affiliate yourself and your company with an award-winning product and earn more income in several ways.

CareerBrandVideos™ won the CDI (Career Directors International) Career Innovator Award. The biennial award honors career industry leaders for introducing an outstanding new and innovative product for job seekers and/or career professionals.


    • Earn 15% commissions on every sale
    • Earn substantially more when you add CareerBrandVideos™ to one of your existing product or service packages
    • Increase your average transaction without doing more work
    • Help your clients build online visibility with 3 compelling videos covering the critical personal branding components: Personality, Subject Matter Expertise and Testimonials
    • Distinguish yourself from your competitors as a unique and savvy provider who offers video, where few others do
    • Sell more lucrative offerings
    • Earn passive income
Promotional Aids To Get Your Clients On Board with CareerBrandVideos™

We provide you plenty of resources and materials to get you up and running fast, and help you educate and sell CareerBrandVideos™ to your clients, including:


  • A web page template for your website to describe the features and value. It’s all laid out for you with content, graphics and promo video. Use it as a separate page or condense it to add to your ala carte services page.
  • Instructional videos that can include your branding (at no cost)
  • Graphics to use on your website, emails and social media
  • Email templates
  • One-to-one phone calls or Zoom meetings to provide assistance or guidance

Benefits to You as a Career Practitioner or Other Entrepreneur, Using CareerBrandVideos™ to Promote Your Business

In the same way that CareerBrandVideos™ benefits your clients, they benefit you and your business when you purchase your own set (at a 15% discount.)


    • They communicate your personal brand and unique value proposition to your target audience
    • They capture the right kinds of clients
    • They help you dominate search results for “your company” and your areas of expertise
    • They grow your visibility across all social channels
    • They help you outrank your biggest, fiercest competitors
    • They position you as digitally savvy because you use video in your marketing

How Our Partner Program Differs from Conventional Partner and Affiliate Programs

Our CareerBrandVideos™ Partner Program is structured similar to traditional affiliate programs, which you may be familiar with.

But with most affiliate programs, you have little to no working relationship with the product provider.

We use a personal, collaborative approach. Our hands touch each and every CareerBrandVideos™ we create for your clients and you.

And you can reach out to us at any time if you have questions, or need assistance or ideas. We’re committed to helping your business succeed.

5 Ways to Grow Your Business with CareerBrandVideos™


There are several easy ways to earn commissions as a CareerBrandVideos™ Partner. The first method, passive commissions, is the easiest.

But with the active methods (2-5 below) you have the potential to earn far more by including CareerBrandVideos™ as part of your product and service offerings, with either you or your client writing the video content.

Job seekers get the best results with their videos when professionals like you do the writing, so we want to make it as easy as possible for both of you, when you add CareerBrandVideos™ to your product/service offerings.

Both your client and you can circumvent the worksheet. You’ve already written great content for them. You can easily select juicy nuggets that differentiate and position your clients well, plop them into the CareerBrandVideos™ Submission Form and send it to us.

We’ve found that this typically takes only an hour or two to do. Remember, you can charge your clients whatever you’d like for this service. An hour or two of your time can translate to a significant return.

Here’s how to do it: Complete all the General Information (name, job title, etc.) in the Submission Form as shown. That info needs to be there. But for the content for the Subject Matter Expertise and Personality videos, you can be creative, as long as you keep to the character limits in each field. We suggest that you keep the Testimonials video as we’ve shown.


Method 1 – Passive Commissions

Earn passive 15% commissions by simply promoting CareerBrandVideos™. That means you get paid up to $255.00 for every client who purchases one of our CareerBrandVideos™ packages.

This is the easiest way to start earning as a Partner, especially if you’re new to doing partner/affiliate promotions.

Simply add your unique Partner link in any or all of the following channels:

    • Articles and pages on your website
    • Your blog posts
    • Your email list(s)
    • Your newsletters
    • Your social media channels

When someone clicks on any of your Partner links, they’re automatically assigned to you in our system. Then, if they make a purchase within 180 days of clicking the link, you get paid a 15% commission, up to $255.00 per sale.

The only work you have to do is put your partner link in relevant spots in any of the places listed above. Even a moderately trafficked website or social channel can generate a lot of link clicks and commissions.

For example, you could add your link to the anchor text “video” in a blog post in which you talk about video.

Or you could post a CareerBrandVideos™ image or banner on your site and use your Partner link.

Naturally, if you want to promote it more actively, you can do that, too, and earn even more commissions. For example, you could send out occasional emails to your list talking about CareerBrandVideos™.

If you’re proficient at paid advertising, you could create a paid campaign driving traffic to your Partner link.


Method 2 – Offer as a Stand-Alone Product/Service

If you currently offer products or services, add CareerBrandVideos™ to your product and/or service listings.

We currently offer 3 levels of service in our CareerBrandVideos™: Starter, Essential and Premium.

Just like with the passive method above, simply add your Partner/affiliate link (or banners we supply) to your website, blog, emails, newsletters, or social media to drive traffic to CareerBrandVideos™. For every lead that converts to a sale, earn 15% commissions.

Or if you prefer, you can make the sale directly (at any price you like) and collect the payment. Then order the CareerBrandVideos™ on behalf of your client and use the Coupon Code to get your 15% discount.

Either you can write the video content, or let the client write the content, then charge whatever additional fee you like for the package.


Method 3 – Add CareerBrandVideos™ to an Existing Product Package

For example, if you sell resume and LinkedIn profile writing services, include CareerBrandVideos™ as part of your service. As with your other writing services, you’ll help your clients write the content for their videos.

Then charge whatever you like for the package.


Method 4 – Offer as an Upsell

Offer CareerBrandVideos™ as an upsell on any of your products.

For example:

“Buy Product Z + a set of CareerBrandVideos™ and save X dollars.”

“Buy Product Z + CareerBrandVideos™ and we’ll give you Product C for Free.”

Either you can write the video content, or let the client write the content, then charge whatever additional fee you like for the package.

Method 5 – Offer Multiple Tiered Pricing Packages

Consider offering multiple tiered packages with the various services and products you currently offer.

For example, you could offer 3 of your own product tiers with CareerBrandVideos™  featured on each:

Your Basic/Starter Package with our CareerBrandVideos™ Starter Videos [lowest price]

Your Professional Package with our CareerBrandVideos™ Essential Videos [medium price]

Your Executive Package with our CareerBrandVideos™ Premium Videos [premium price]

Or, you could add CareerBrandVideos™ to just one of your tiered offerings.

You can get quite creative with tiered pricing. Tiered packages make it easier to sell your primary products.

In addition, they increase your average transaction value because a percentage of buyers will always buy the most expensive package you have.

Either you can write the video content, or let the client write the content, then charge whatever additional fee you like for the package.

CareerBrandVideos™ Pricing

As a Partner you’ll be able to sell CareerBrandVideos™ in 3 pricing tiers.

Our current pricing to the client is as follows:

Starter  $395

Essential  $695

Premium  $1700

This graphic outlines what you get with each package.

You can get all the product details here. Your commission for each sale is 15%, payable on or about the 15th of the month following the purchase.

As a Partner, you also get 15% off any videos you purchase for yourself. Once approved, we supply you with a Partner coupon code that entitles you to the discount once you’re approved.

How to Get Started as a CareerBrandVideos™ Partner

There is no investment required to begin selling CareerBrandVideos™ as a Partner.

First, review the CareerBrandVideos™ sales page. Watch the sample videos to familiarize yourself with the product.

Second, review our CareerBrandVideos™ Partner Agreement before you apply.

Finally, if you are ready to make the Partner program work for you, hit the button below and fill out the Registration Form.

Once we get your application, we’ll review it and get back to you in 2-3 business days.